“A Gentleman’s Candy Land with a Splash of Sabor Con Flava”

About Us

What is Latina Curves Magazine?

We are the newest and sexiest magazine to soon hit the market at a city near you. We’ll be bringing you “Sabor Con Flava”. We will also be gathering Latina models from around the world and make this magazine all about them.

The magazine as you may see is under works and we are in the process of creating our official website. It will be a magazine for men and women. Age ranging from 18+. Please know that the magazine will not be a nude or pornographic magazine.

We’ll be bringing EXCLUSIVE interviews, videos, and each month we’ll have a girl of the month. Later this year, we are also in the works of making a calendar, so look out for that. The magazine we hope to have published 6 times a year, but be warned it will be SUPER SEXY & SPICY. “It’s like candy, but without the cavities!!”

What is, “Sabor Con Flava!!”?

We’ve added a new Splash of Sabor Con Flava to the Latina Curves Magazine. This section of the magazine is for any men or women who wish to become our “Sabor Con Flava”. Also for the men & women who wish to refer their man, friend, best friend, or etc may also do so. Please contact us for further information on what we are looking for. Thank you & God Bless.

BTW…Make sure you tell all your friends about us.

We hope you enjoy!! “Besitos Por Donde Tu Quiera.” Ay Que Rico!!!

“Lets Make It Happen!”

Kiss Kiss
Latina Curves Magazine ♥
“A Gentleman’s Candy Land With A Splash of Sabor Con Flava!”


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